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Wakesurf brands X Game offers: Shred Stixx, Hyperlite, Byerly, CWB.

Related brands: O'Neill, Neil Pryde, Tige boats, Accurate lines, Reef and Proline.

Where to go Wakesurfing in Hong Kong?

Wakesurfing in Hong Kong is popular, getting more and more boats installed the ballast bags. Some Tige boats from Pro Surf Ballast 2300 lbs upgrade to 4300 lbs in total, upgrade the engine from standard 343HP to 450HP, install the Tige Convex VX hull extension for longer whatever they can to make the wake bigger. All these boats are private owned and they are not for rent.

If you want to go wakesurfing by renting a boat, we recommend you a few boats you can rent from different locations in Hong Kong. These drivers are willing to load their boats with heavy sacs and you will enjoy the wake, good for surfing.

At Stanley you can call Jim at 9201-2995, he has a Tige 20' hull with a diesel engine with tons of torque, also loaded with hidden and external ballasts. I enjoy his wake for wakesurf...he takes you to a lagoon near Tai Tam and water is flat like a lake. Also he has range of surfboards you can use.

At Sai Kung you can go to Yung Shue O, call Alex Lam 5986-6168 he operates near a fish farm and water is really flat all year round. He loaded his boat good for wakesurfing and you should try his boat if you want to wakesurf in Sai Kung, he got some wakesurf boards from X Game and you can use them.

On the Island you can call Wai Hung at 9021-6077 or Mr. Chan at 2812-0391, they both operate at Repulse Bay and Deep Water Bay. Go train on their boats for air tricks! Enjoy the island south, beautiful bays around.

X Game brings in the best equipment for wakesurfing, come chat with us if you need anything or email for technical issues.

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