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Snowboard brands X Game offers: Burton, JONES, TJ Brands and Burton Kids.

Related brands: Analog, Anon, Electric, Demon Protections, Volcom, Level Gloves & Dakine.

Where to go Snowboarding in Hong Kong?

There is no snow in Hong Kong and local snowboarders usually go to Japan, Korea, Canada or Europe for snowboarding. But the closest place to get on the snow is only an hour away from Hong Kong. Because there is an indoor ski park in Shenzhen, it's not big but for first time snowboarder is perfect. This place locates inside the "Window of the World" and is only 20 minutes by taxi from Lo Wu (cross the border), entry fee is about US$40 for the first 2 hours, and beginners should give it a go. Although we have no snow in Hong Kong but we have thousands of snowboarders in Hong Kong, each year we have more and more people pick up this snow sport and the market here is surely expending.

Snowboarding is very easy to learn and easy to have fun out of it. In about 2 days you can master the essentials and how to turn and break when you need to. The beauty of snowboarding is that it's much less complicated than skiing, so there's less to remember in terms of technique, just go out and ride, do tricks and enjoy. Snowboard outfits are very fashionable, for functions, designs and styles, we carry a wide range of products to cover your need.

There are numbers of snow tours very year organize by local travel agents, you can look them up on Facebook.


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