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Reef Hong Kong Surf Cup 2012
A week before the comp there were no waves at Tai Long Wan, unitl the 24th Nov. Saturday afternoon swell strated to pump. On the 25th Nov. Sunday Reef Surf Cup kicks off at 9:30am and we had head high waves most time of the day. God blessed Reef Surf Cup! Although we had waves and the riders were stoked, but the weather wasn't good as it was rainning from time to time, temprature dropped so the cold and wet wasn't pleasent.

We have again around 70 competitors compete in 2012, but we missed a lot of spectators due to bad weather. We had a beach party on Saturday night with BBQ on the site and were lucky rain didn't come until midnight, it was windy and wet sleeping in the tent that night but we went on to start the first heats at 9:30am. We splited the heats in 2 courses to finish the all heats quicker, we managed to finish all final heats at 4pm. We had to dash to do the prize giving and dash back to Chek Keng Pier while we still had day lights.
This year Reef increased the prize money to $15,000 cash plus lot of prizes sponored by different companies, including Channel Islands, Skull Candy, X Game, GoPro and Legend Distribution.
Again we need to say big thanks to Reef our title sponsor, Ms. Jenn Kong's great help..we like to say thanks to Channel Islands Surfboards, Skull Candy for their efforts to make the comp more colorful. Help from Antony Dickson our head judge and all the other judges, Ka Ying Gor for the sound/visual systems, Ar Bee and William Prince for F&B, Mr. & Mrs. Volker for the lovely breakfast (cooked under the storm!), Mesh crews for their burgers, Hoi Fung Store and uncle Kwok & Ar Wai for logistic, lastly of course the X Game crews for the super hard work. We thank you for your support and will see you at Tai Long Wan next year!
Final Results:

Men's A
  1st Joe Keogh
  2nd Jason Guy
  3rd Craig Colbran

Men's B
  1st Rodrigo
  2nd Wolf Wertheimer
  3rd Eilippi Lorenzo

  1st Iris Lim
  2nd Sai Sai
  3rd Yuko Takaoka

  1st Joe Keogh
  2nd Baron Vincent
  3rd Wolf Wertheimer
X Game Himalayas Adventure 2012
X Game made another great snowboarding trip in India in Feb. 2012. Board Himalayas is your dream, we will go back! Ken gather 20 people early morning at the HK airport and took our flight to New Delhi spend 2 nights there sightseeing (interesting but next time we miss this part), then we took a Kingfisher flight from Delhi to Srinagar, visited the beautiful Dal Lake and spend a night on the famous houseboats, freezing at night so we will miss this part again next time.
Food there is quite good if you like Indian curry, but they serve 3 times a day with curry so af
ter 2 days I guess it's too much. Local food there we ate was Kashmir food, quite nice actually and we usually drink water from bottle, lucky none of us got stomach problem. We did see lot of Kashmian armies with machine guns around, but they are very friendly to tourists and often we took pictures with them with our snowboards.
From the Dal Lake drive up to the mountain is about 2 hours on some bumpy and icy roads, so chain the wheels are needed, in the cabin the driver plays Indian music so you have this sound always in your brain after the ride, we loved it though. We stay in this European style hotel at 9000 feet and it looks good, but often "black out" or run out of hot water. Never mind that because we were there for the powder...
I traveled to different snow resorts to look for good conditions for the past 20 years, boarded in Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Japan, Korea, China and even North Pole. But nothing compare to Gulmarg, it's for big mountain riders. Tree runs are best I have ridden so far, untouched powder in every run and no trial maps, no chair lifts, you don't see any body but your group. We basically have to train how to use the ASE (avalanche safety equipment) and follow the guide in every run. Fish boards or big mountain pow boards is a must, split boards even better as some run will take over 4 hours over 12,000 feet. I would not recommend beginners to join this tour but if you a decent rider is fine, the guide usually split us to small groups, make sure you fit in the group with similar level. A guide can take 4-5 riders so we had about 5 guides in our trip, instead of going up to the mountain by chair lifts we go up by jeep (chained wheels), often we drift on the road but it's quite exciting. Heli-boarding is available too if the weather is good, price is not too bad either ($200 per drop) and we can see K2 right behind you on the top.
We plan to go again in 2013 and if you are interested, stay tune with our facebook and soon we will post the details for next trips. We go there for the powder and some untouched terrain, we're not going there for luxury. So no crying babies...skiers welcome too.
Reef Hong Kong Surf Cup 2011
Reef again our title sponsor this year for the "Reef HK Surf Cup 2011".  Event was held on 27th November 2011 at Tai Long Wan, Sai Kung. We have 66 competitors this year and lucky we had nice weather over the weekend.

We had a surf movie premiere, Reef presents the Path of the "Modern Gypsy" at Hoi Fung Store on Saturday night, we had a 8 foot wide screen this time and everyone really enjoyed it with lots of beers. As usual the freebies were given to everyone and had a beach party at Tai Long Wan afterward..

On Sunday the heats started at 10am with 2 race courses, waves were good in the morning and tide was going out in the afternoon so waves dropped a little bit after lunch. Riders kept going for the heats and we managed to complete all the finals heats before 4pm. In general the weather and waves were good for the competition, all competitors were happy with the condition. Reef has increased the cash prize money to $12,000.00 this year, X Game were told it will be more prize money in 2012 so we really looking forward to that. Possibly the Hong Kong Surf Cup will be part of the ASC (Asian Surfing Championship) in 2012, X Game is still working on it.

Again we need to say big thanks to Reef our title sponsor, Ms. Jenn Kong's great help..we like to say thanks to Channel Islands Surfboards, Skull Candy for their efforts to make the comp more colorful. Help from Antony Dickson our head judge and all the other judges, Ka Ying Gor for the sound/visual systems, Ar Dong and Sunny for F&B, Hoi Fung Store and uncle Kwok for logistic, lastly of course the X Game crews for the super hard work. We thank you for your support and will see you at Tai Long Wan next year!
Final Results:

Mens A

  1st Craig Colbran ($5000)
  2nd Jason Guy ($3000)
  3rd Trevor ($1000)

Mens B
  1st Joe Keogh ($1000)
  2nd Wolf Wertheimer
  3rd Takefumi Inazu

  1st Annissa Flynn ($1000)
  2nd Iris Lim
  3rd Elsabeth Forsman
  1st Annissa Flynn ($1000)
  2nd Joe Keogh
  3rd Gasper

Best Local surfer:
Black Boy
Reef Hong Kong Surf Cup 2010
Thanks to Reef (VF Hong Kong) this year to be our title sponsor for the 2010 Surf Cup, on the 27th Nov. Saturday we had some 60 competitors and spectators gather in Ham Tin at Hoi Fung Store for the surf movie premiere "Cancer to Capricorn", Although the TV was small but lucky we had a good system (thanks to Ga Ying Gor) so the night was great. It was the fisrt time we had a "Fire Show" preformed by 3 young kids including Annissa Flynn from Thailand.
The next day 28th at 10am, race starts with mens B hits and waves weren't big but contestable, followed by Boy's class and Womens hits. As the tide coming up the waves picked up more and we had the mens A started before noon. Lucky we had nice weather and competition ended at 3:30pm, we had a 25 minutes for the mens A final hit to wrap up the event, prize giving was done quickly on site and $10,000.00 cash splits to the winners, then everyone packed and depart before sunset.
Besides our majoy support by Reef, we like to thank to Channel Islands for the demo boards, Skull Candy for the cash sponsor as well as products to the winners and the spectators. Hawaiian Springs for the water of the day. Ka Lim team for the F&B on site so we had good BBQ over the weekend. Hoi Fung Store offer us the space for storage, Mr. Grant Robertson and the judges, of course X Game team for the hard work, without their support this event wouldn't be happened. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Men's A
  1st 郭恆良 Gu Gu (Taiwan)
  2nd Andrew Down (Australia)
  3rd Jason Guy (Australia)

Men's B
  1st Kevin Coniam (Hong Kong)
  2nd 潘海心 (Taiwan)
  3rd 張復正 (Taiwan)
  1st Annissa Flynn (Thailand)
  2nd lris Lim (Malaysia)
  3rd 洪喆君 Jessie Hong (Taiwan)

  1st Joe Keogh (Hong Kong)
  2nd Atticus Summers (Hong Kong)
  3rd Annissa Flynn (Thailand)

Best local Surfer
Dixon Lee (Hong Kong)

Vans Sk8 Bowl Jam 2010
Vans Hong Kong is proud to present the first skate bowl jam in Hong Kong, this newly built skate bowl just opened in August 2010 at Tung Chung (15 minutes walk from City Gate). On 14th of August, a very hot summer day reaches 33 degrees, bunch of skaters gathered to witness the battle. Jam started at 4pm and end around 7pm follow by prize giving ceremony. All went smooth, thanks to everyone that helped in the event and the sponsors.
Mr. Lee Hawk from VF Hong Kong has done a wonderful job to make this event so successful, to introduce the new bowl pool skate park to the local skaters, sure the locals are happy with Tung Chung North Park.
After a few hours of competition, the winner of the best bowl jam will be going to Woodward Skate Camp in Beijing with the Vans skate team in September...Congratulations Philippe!!
Here are the results:
  Best Bowl Jam Philippe Amar
  Best Bowl Style Piet Guilfoyle
  Best Line Chris Bradley
X Game 100% Powder Hokkaido Tour 2010
Sunrise of the day of January 31 Sunday, already got the snowboards all packed and ready to go. Group gathered at 8am at the Hong Kong airport hit a CX direct flight to Sapporo and arrived in the afternoon, checked in the hotel and did a bit of tour in the city. Next day we took a bus to Niseko check in Hilton Niseko Village resort, first time we came back after it renamed “Hilton”. Hotel it’s nice but need shuttle to Hirafu area if you want to hang out or shopping.
Snowboarding 5 days in a roll with wonderful powder, the condition was so great that everyday we had tones of snow fall. Usually Jan-Feb is the best time of the year for snow and it will never disappoint you. We split to a few groups in the day, some go to the top and cross over to An’nupuri go for the Fukayuki-rinkan run, 100% powder and trees slalom. Some prefer the Misoshiru near the hotel, it’s a black run with super thick powder so never mind the high speed, it won’t hurt but laugh when you fall! Other like to hang out on the Hirafu side, some friendly runs near the bottom…anyway, all had great fun.
We look forward to do more snow tours in 2011 and wish you will “Join our Ride” in the future. See you next year!!
X Game Chamonix Snowboard Tour 2010
On 15th January 2010 evening, X Game tour started to head to London catch a flight to Geneva, then 3 private buses pick us up at Geneva airport, less 2 hours ride then we all arrived at Biolay Chalets where is about 10 minutes to town centre.
First day the snow fall was good and we spend the whole day at Le Tour, visibility wasn’t great so was more like a warm up ride. Second day the sun was out so we all went to Grand Montets, lots of runs but bit icy on the track, all had fun time. The rest 3 full days we visited other piste like Brevent, Valley Blanch with the French guild and much powder there. Courmayer in Italy was nice, after a 40 minutes bus ride, just to ski on the Italian mountain.
We hope to plan another one next year and gather more Hong Kong snowboarders board on the Alps.
Hurley Surf Cup Hong Kong 2009
On 22nd, November 2009, a sunny day with NNE swell, side offshore wind and cool temperature to treat this competition completed smoothly. God bless surfing...
This year X Game is so happy to have Hurley International to be our title sponsor, Hurley also sent Mr. Rizal Tanjung (General Manager of Hurley South Asia) the Bali legendary pro surfer to this event, helped out for the judging as well as a demo session. Rizal said "this is quite a nice concept to camp on the site and the hiking trail is beautiful, the crowd was willing to make such effort to go all the way there are core and keen in surfing, I like that!"
The competition started at 9:50am with the horn by Grant Robinson (the head judge) and heats back to back non stop, we had to run 2 race courses to complete all the heats on time and finished the last heat at around 4:00pm. We had total 75 competitors this year the most entries ever, plus hundreds of friends and spectators make this event full of beats.

Thanks to all the sponsors: Channel Islands Surfboards, Sanuk, Skull Candy, Team Relax, Asahi and Red Bull. Also great thanks to all the judges, helpers on the beach, F&B team, DJs and Hoi Fung Store to make another successful event for X Game.


Men's A
  1st Jason Guy (Australia)
  2nd Cris Par (Philippines)
  3rd Barak Nachmani (Israel)
Men's B
  1st Atticus Summers (Australia)
  2nd Hugo D'Auriol (French)
  3rd Man Hing Wan (Hong Kong)
  1st Niu Chen Lin (Taiwan)
  2nd Chan Sin Man (Hong Kong)
  3rd Iris Lim (Malaysia)


Atticus Summers (Australia)

  2nd Hugo D'Auriol (French)
  3rd Joe Keogh (Australia)
BMX + SK8 Summer jam 09
Due to a Typhoon hit HK on the 19th July so event postponed a week after. In July 26th a very hot summer day, organizers "X Game" and "Xempire Co." pull the core bunch of local BMX riders and skaters gathered at Mei Foo Skate Park to launch the good show. Under the temperature of 33 degrees sunny day, everyone was so hot but competitors didn't give a shxx and demonstrate lots of tricks some with huge air, it was a very successful competition and completed before the rain shower arrived at 6:30pm.
Thanks to all the helpers, judges, riders and spectators to make the event so smooth, must not forget the 100% support sponsors "Skull Candy" who put up the sound system and prizes, "Vans" for the prizes and tones of freebies, "Creme" skateboards for prizes, and of course the Hong Kong Cycling Association to get us the play field for the day.

Final results

BMX Novice
  1st Chu Chie Leung
  2nd Cheung Wing Cheong
  3rd Kwok Man Hong
  4th Yu Ting Yuet
BMX Open
  1st Cheung Yui Fung
  2nd George Jackson
  3rd Ho Ting Chun
  4th Chow Kin Chung
Skate Novice
  1st Dani Bantista
  2nd Hau Chi Keung
  3rd Ben Coniam
  4th Lam Chin Cheung
Skate Open

Luk Chun Yin

  2nd Tang Chun Yin
  3rd Lee Ka Lung
  4th Wong Kin Wai
X Game 2009 Niseko, Hokkaido Tour
On the evening of 13th of January 2009, we all gathered at Hong Kong airport and head to Tokyo, arrived in the middle of the night and Chitose airport was closed due to the heavy snow, we didn't want to be stuck in Tokyo so we flew to Asahikawa which 5 hours away from Niseko...After the long bus ride we arrived with tones of snow everywhere, the 1st day was almost too much snow and our boards sunk a meter below, just don't fall or you have to work hard to get up!
This year we putted everyone in a private onsen room in Hirafutei and it's a bonus after whole day boarding on the slopes. As Burton has arranged 10 units of the 2010 demo boards for our tour to try, Masa from Burton Japan took the boards to the hotel the first morning, some got to try few models in the trip and some got free lessons from Masa, he explained what is new for the next season, the "V Rocker" is something we will focus at, some of us tried them and found the V Rocker boards are easy to ride and hold well. Another board we have to watch is the Method 2010, the lightest deck ever in production, most expensive deck in the Burton range, X Game has ordered a 158cm and can be seen in October/Nov 2009.
X Game will again organize tours to Japan next year and arrange more new boards for the tour to test out, stay tuned in our website and we will do tours to Korea and France next year. Ken from X Game started snowboarding in 1991 in France with a rental wooden Burton board, started import Burton brand to Hong Kong in 1993, market was really small unlike today. X Game will keep pushing the sport and more people will enjoy the thrill...
X Game x Wake4fun Beijing Snow Tour 2009
In the morning of 7th January 2009, some 60 people gathered to take off to Beijing from HK airport. The 1st day we arranged everyone to visit the "Bird Nest" then shopping, weather was cold but sunny, arrived at the hotel in the same evening then start the 3 days full day riding on the slope.
  This time we have most wakeboarders and some first time to try out how to slide on the snow instead of the water. X Game has few coaches teaching the beginners on the 1st and 2nd day, lots of them managed to ride by themselves after the first morning. Believe wakeboarding helps when you step on a snowboard, everyone was so natural and some Wake4Fun members found one more X Game sport to enjoy with during winter.
Burton China again lend out some Burton boards to our tour and thanks to William Avedon (the Burton representative for China and HK). He has been helping out the previous X Game Snow Jam/competitions and help to promote the sport through out the region, he's also a crazy snowboarder and skateboarder especially when he had a few beers!  

Lucky enough we had a chance to watch the "Nanshan Open" on Saturday before we headed back to HK the next day. Nanshan Mellow Park is a well designed and great for big air competitions, we enjoy very much watching those riders doing all the big jumps, riders from all over the world and most jumps were really sick!

X Game will surely do more snow tours in the future and thanks to Wake4Fun to support this tour 100%, we wish this boarder's culture will united to all related X Game sports, cause we like to stand "sideway".....

X Game Hong Kong Surf Cup 2008
Under the beautiful weather and waves conditions in November 23rd at Tong Long Wan, Sai Kung, the X Game Hong Kong Surf Cup 08 has successfully finished and all the winners earned home a lot of prizes. Total 68 competitors and some 300 people gather to witness the exciting battles on the day. Thanks to our sponsors Billabong, Channel Islands Surfboards, Sanuk, China Coast Surf and Asahi beers to make the event so colourful. As usual, we have music (by DJ Richard), BBQ and lots of Asahi beers. Although it takes one hour hiking from Chek Keng to the site but it didn't stop the spectators and friends to join the crowd.
Event highlight was Rizal Tanjung performed a demo session between heats, also thanks to Rizal for judging the final heats and the battles were heating up, men's A final was between 2 Philippines riders, a South African and a Israeli rider. We finished all the heats before the sunset and had much stuff to move out, thanks to Ken and his team for all the efforts as well as the local store to lend out the tables, BBQ equipment and the generator. Of course we must mention Grant Robinson to lead whole bunch of judges to do the hard work, giving scores under the sun from 9am to 4pm. So we are looking forward to a bigger and better Surf Cup next year....


Final results

Men's A
  1st Ibrahim Gaudawali
  2nd Cris Par
  3rd Graeme Nicolson
Men's B
  1st Thomas Mackenzie
  2nd Man Hing Wang
  3rd Andrew Guilot
  1st Manchie Par
  2nd Chan Sin Man
  3rd Amy Chiang

Alec Diao

  2nd Andrew Guilot
  3rd Atticus Summers
Best Local
    Kenneth Chan
Hyperlite Asian Wakeboarding Championship 2008
X Game has another successfully done wakeboarding event on 27th July 2008. Thanks to Hyperlite USA title sponsor as well as other local sponsors to make this event happen. Ken Choi from X Game pulled everybody together and planed months before this great event. It was a one day event located at Tai Po Water Front Park-Hong Kong gathered hundreds of riders and spectators on a 33 degrees Sunday. The heat went on as we had some best Asian riders from Thailand, Japan, Singapore and China. The women and men's open class was spectacular, Lota from Thailand earned the champion title and took home $5000.00, women's champion went to Miku from Japan and took home $3000.00. Only little drama before the open class started, a thunder storm hit the course and dragged everything 2 hours behind, lucky the competition went on after the storm and also completed the wakeskate class before sunset. A simple prize giving ceremony was done right away on site to wrap up the event.
Men Open

  Champion: Lota (Thailand)
  1st runner up : Aye (Thailand)
  2nd runner up : Nic O'Brien (England)

Women Open

  Champion: Miku (Japan)
  1st runner up : Sasha (Singapore)
  2nd runner up : Meme (Japan)
  Men Outlaw
  1st Fan Man Fon
  2nd Wong Hei Tat
  3rd Chan Calvin
Men Advance
  1st Lee Shu Wai
  2nd Tam Sze Lik
  3rd Yeung Pop Pop
Men Intermediate
  1st Chan Paul
  2nd Ng Sum Sum
  3rd Lee Po Wing
Men Novice

Lo Jack

  2nd Ng Bryan
  3rd Leung Chi Tat
Women Intermediate
  1st Ho Catherine
  2nd Chan Fiona
  3rd Tang Wen
Women Novice
  1st Tam Jan
  2nd Ng Janny
  3rd Ng Fiona
Champion: Daniel Pipala
  1st runner up Pop Pop Yeung
  2nd runner up Ryoji
2nd Hong Kong Burton Snow JAM 2008 Beijing
This years Hong Kong Snowboarding Competition was a major success, which was held from 16th ~ 20th of January 2008. The competition took place in Beijing Nanshan, supported by Burton China and Nokia Nanshan Mellow Park. Once again Burton and X Game teamed up to bring us the 2nd Hong Kong Burton Snow JAM 2008, a trip attracted some 60 snowboarders from Hong Kong, 5 year old Justin Ming was the youngest. 25 competitors took part for the Freestyle Run and the Boarder Cross session. The champion for Freestyle Run went to Wong Kwong Hung, Michael who had pulled out a backside 360 off the big kicker. As for the Champion for Boarder Cross went to Richard Forrest has won himself an Andy Warhol’s “Last Supper” Board 156cm signed by Jussi Oksanen. In addition, Burton China has given a Blunt Board 155cm to Chan Wai Cheong, Alex for winning 2nd place in both Freestyle Run and Boarder Cross. Throughout the competition 30 brand new 2008 demo snowboards were provided by Burton. A LTR (Learn To Ride) program was provided as well for beginners to try out snowboarding and ride with China’s best riders. After 3 days on the snow, there was just enough time to tour around the city of Beijing. Prizes giving ceremony turn out to be an unforgettable dinner buffet with Lucky Draw and many have a chance to win “Wang Lei’s Learn to Ride” DVD. X Game has made this trip successful thanks to our sponsor SOYJOY, All X Game Crew, Burton Team and all the Snowboarders who had participate in this event.
  Boarder Cross

  Champion: Richard Forrest
Prize: Andy Warhol 156 Board & Signed by Jussi
  2nd Place: Chan Wai Cheong, Alex
Prize: 2008 Blunt 155 Board
  3nd Place: Wong Ka Ming, Sam
Prize: Burton Backpack
  4th Place: Wong Chak Ming, Max
Prize: Burton Team Tee

Freestyle Run

  Champion: Wong Kwong Hung, Michael
Prize: Andy Warhol 158 Board
  2nd Place: Chan Wai Cheong, Alex
Prize: 2008 Blunt 155 Board
  3nd Place: Wong Chak Ming, Max
Prize: Burton Backpack
  4th Place: Tsang Hon Hei, Kenny
Prize: Burton Team Tee

Billabong Hong Kong Surf Cup 2007

Billabong Hong Kong Surf Cup 2007 was the best organized surf competition ever. The event took place in an isolated beach at Tai Long Wan, Sai Kung. The scenery is superb, relatively undisturbed and is consider the most beautiful and best surfing beach in Hong Kong. Some 300 spectators showed up even the trip wasn’t an easy task. A total of 67 contestants signed up for the competition. The event highlights were Pro riders Rahtu Suargita and Made Raditya from Indonesia whom demonstrated some incredible surf tricks.

This year’s event was split into four categories; Men’s A grade, Men’s B grade, Women's and Junior. Featuring competitors from Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, South Africa and UK. Prizes including of HK$10,000 in cash, Channel Island surfboards and Billabong products (wetsuits, towel, backpack and HK$500 coupon). Overall the whole event was a great success thanks to Billabong, X Game, Asahi beer, Milk and Juice that made it happen.

  Billabong Hong Kong Surf Cup 07 Result

MEN's A GRADE ( Surf over 6 years)
  1st Andrew Down - Australia
  2nd Sam Middlemiss - Australia
  3rd Craig Colbran – Australia
  4th Dale Volker - South Africa
MEN's B GRADE ( Surf less than 6 years)
  1st Takashi Fujisaki – Japan
  2nd Chan Tak Wai - Hong Kong
  3rd Man Hing Wang - Hong Kong
  1st Chan Ping Ting - Hong Kong
  2nd Vanassa Ho - Hong Kong
  3rd Wanda Kennedy – Australia
BOY's ( Under 16 years old)

Alec Diao - Hong Kong

  2nd Thomas Mackenzie - UK
  3rd Michael Barsin - Germany
Local Highest Score

Lee San Keung - Hong Kong

2nd Skimboard Jam 2007
Presented By X Game
27th October, 2007, Sat
Arthur Kor
Alfian Affandi
Ho Ka Fai, Cofe
Michael Kwan
Lau Sui Hin, Martin
Kelly Lau
Sai Lo
Yeadon Xander
Lam Tik Man
Tam Ho Yip
Cheung Tsz Chung, On Winter
Chow Hoi Yin, Jacky
Tang Wing Kit
Lee Kam Jim
Leung Wing Kan, O’neal
Lo Yat Sing
Daniel Pipala
Au Yeung Kwok Kin, KK
Moby Ho
Yu King Wan, Emil
Usually a popular getaway spot for city-dwellers, Shek O held host to X Game 2nd skimboard JAM. This much anticipated event drew in the best skimboarders from around the region, who came to showcase their skills, style and all-out athleticism. While it's still a relatively young activity out here in Hong Kong, this hybrid sport of skateboarding and surfing has definitely made its impact worldwide. Of over 20 competitors from that day, Arthur Kor, from Singapore claimed the first prize with an outstanding performance that which was the perfect balance of flashy moves and smooth style. The 1st runner up, Alfian Affandi, also from Singapore, opted for a more hard hitting approach with a superman trick of extreme power moves that left the audience and fellow competitors in awe. The 2nd runner up was Ho Ka Fai, Cofe, a native to Hong Kong, Cofe displayed amazing wave riding skills that influence on the local wave riders which will not go without notice. At the end of the day, the awards were handed out at the after-barbeque-party organized by X Game. Without out the generosity of SAMSUNG, Sprite Zero, Asahi, Indo Board, Poo Skimboards, HEY MAN, Modern Beauty, Hawaiian Tropic, O’Neill wetsuit, Milk and JUICE, this event would have not been a success.
Billabong Asian Wakeboarding Championship-Hong Kong
X Game proudly to organize the Billabong Asian Wakeboarding Championship early July in 2007, the biggest wakeboarding event of the year!! We received most Asian top riders from Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Japan and Macau. The day was hot and over 600 spectators were screaming through the event, wrap up party afterward at Times Square....was lots of fun!
Penang 1st International Skimboarding Competition
This event organized by Pearl of the Oriental Skimboards was held at Batu Ferringhi, Penang, Malaysia on 14th July 2007, the 1st international competition in Asia. A total of 39 participants from Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore went to compete. The competitions end up with dinner buffet on the beach and a beach party as a whole event. Congratulations to all the participants that took part in the competition! Check out for the results.
X Game proudly presented Hong Kong Burton Snow Jam 2007 – Beijin
"First ever Hong Kong Snowboarding Competition!"...A competition that took place in Beijing Nanshan, supported by Nokia Nanshan Mellow Park. Burton and X Game teamed up to bring us the first annual installation of the Hong Kong Burton Snow Jam 2007, an event that attracted some 100 snowboarders from Hong Kong, the youngest of whom was just 6. Tea meeting was held before the trip as an introduction of the Burton Snow Jam with lucky draw. 25 competitors took part for the Boarder Cross and Freestyle Run session. Throughout the competition 30 brand new demo snowboards were provided by Burton. A LTR (Learn To Ride) program was provided as well for beginners to try out snowboarding and ride with Pro Riders. After 3 days on the snow, there was just enough time to tour around the city of Beijing. Prizes giving ceremony turn out to be an unforgettable party. X Game has made this trip successful and that snowboarders in Hong Kong have a chance to perform their skills and make new friends…stay tune for more up coming events organized by X Game.

Tea Meeting


Prize Giving Ceremony and Party

Shopping and Sightseeing

Freestyle Run
Champion: C.K Yam
Prize: Medal & Burton Custom X 152 Board signed by Shaun White

2nd Place: Tommy Yau
Prize: Medal & Burton Custom X 156 Board signed by Shaun White

3rd Place: Stephen Wong
Prize: Medal & Burton Boardbag

4th Place: Dennis Lam
Prize: Burton DVD & Beannie

Boarder Cross
Champion: Donald Wan
Prize: Medal & Burton Custom 154 Board signed by Shaun White

2nd Place: Gerry Kuo
Prize: Medal & Burton Boardbag

3rd Place: Ryann Lau
Prize: Medal & Burton Boardbag

Please check below link for more photos:

X GAME Presented
3rd Rip Curl Cup 2006

Hong Kong biggest ever surfing competition-The 3rd Rip Curl Cup 2006 had been successfully held on 10th of December 2006 in Tai Wan, Sai Kung. We are very delighted that there were over 250 participants, which including the surfers, competitors and audiences There was not only the men's open competition in the 3rd Rip Curl Cup 2006, but also the women's open and junior competition were held in this year. This grand surfing competition attracted over 70 competitors. Some of them came from other surfing countries, such as, Brazil, Spain, South Africa, Japan, Australia, Taiwan and USA. All of them are the top surfers over the world.

The weather on that day was extremely cold. Although a lot of waves occurred in the sea, various participants showed extremely enthusiastically. Most of them jumped into the water, swam and paddled by the quickest speed to come ashore. The participants were not only appreciated the competition in this attractive beach, but also could enjoy the foods and drinks that were provided by Kruspy Kreme, Pepperonis, Sol Beer and Red Bull. For those audiences who haven't brought along their surfboards were not able to be disappointed. It is because Channel Island Surfboard sponsored the total of 9pcs new AL MERRICK surfboard for participants to ride on. Moreover, the participants on the beach received the souvenirs from Power Bar and Hawaiian Tropic. The atmosphere of the event was splendid. Every audience was under the lively music cheering to the surf riders.

In the Men's Open Competition, there were 48 competitors. They needed to do the Snap, Off the Lip, Cut Back and Floater in the limited time of the game. Floater is the most difficult but the highest point of trick all over the competition.

1st Samuel Middlemiss - Middle East
2nd Andrew Down - New Zealand
3rd Dale Volker - South Africa
4th Todd Roach – Australia

Best Tricks
Gabriel Nemes Neto - Brasil

1st Akiko - Japan
2nd Wilma Komala - Indonesia
3rd Chan Ping Ting - Hong Kong

1st Alec Diao - USA
2nd Thomas Mackenzie - England
3rd Alexander Glaratsky Yeadon - Canada but born in Hong Kong

All winners could get the variety of gifts which are given by X Game, Hawaiian Tropic and Power Bar.

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Reef Wakefest Hong Kong


Hong Kong biggest ever wakeboarding competition-The Reef Wakefest 2006 Hong Kong had been successfully helded on 17th and 18th of June 2006 in Tai Po Waterfront Park. 85 local and Asian riders participated in this event. Reef Wakefest 2006 Hong Kong Pre-event Party was also successfully helded on 16th of June 2006 at The Cavern in Lan Kwai Fong.

Highlight of the event was the spectacular wakeskating demonstration by U.S. wakeboarding/wakeskating pro riders-Scott Byerly and Brandon Thomas. A slider was made especially for their demonstration.This event has attracted over 600 peoples from the public to come to the event. Even TVB crews(Hong Kong biggest TV Channel) were reported at the event.

The result for Men's Open championship was won by Suzuki, Toshimitsu (Japan) and Aye (Japan) was the 1st runner up, Hong Kong representative Tom, Gaffney as 2nd runner-up.


Reef Wakefest Hong Kong:

Reef Wakefest Singapore:

X Game proudly presents 2nd Rip Curl Cup

The 2nd Rip Curl Cup was successfully ended on Sunday 11th Dec, the event attracted some 200 audiences, surfers and competitors to Tai Long Wan at Sai Kung. The journey was little bit tough because of the boat ride plus loading the people to the beach. But the weather made everything so enjoyable, sun was out with light NNE breeze and the waves were good for the competition.

We had 40 contestants some locals surfers as well as many local Gwai Lo, we managed to finish 15 heats to find the winners. After many heats of combat on the water, Anthony Dickson got the best score to earn the Champion title, then followed by 1st Runner up Spencer Barton and 2nd Runner up Alex Gibbs.


We deeply appreciate those sponsors, lots of support from different companies. On site we have Pepperonis put up a BBQ and wine bar, so everyone can have burgers and hot dogs...beers were sold out fast, also they brought a generator to blast some R&B and ACDC music, the atmosphere was great. Brain from Pepperonis has offered dinner coupons to the winners.


Besides giving cash from our main sponsor Rip Curl, they also offered a return ticket to Gold Coast Australia to the winner, organizer X Game offered 2 surfboards to the winners and many other prizes.

Another sponsor Oakley set up their own tent and brought along some beautiful babes to hand out freebies, they also offered all the judges and the winners a pair of sunglasses. Hawaiian Tropic sun care also offer prizes to the winners, some use their products right away cause it was so sunny. Red Bull was one of the sponsors brought along loads of Red Bulls and offer to everyone, thanks to their hard work especially they transport the heavy ice to the site. China Coast Surfing School Nick Gibbs takes care of the judging, he did so much for this event, Phil Cooke also from CCSS helped out so much for the set up, thanks to those people to make it happen. We promise to do a bigger and better one next year.


For those who like to watch the short video of that day, soon will upload the footage on their site. Also please pay attention to our X Game website, we will soon post the photos in our events page so you can recall the good fun day we had.....


Thank you for your support and see you next year.

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