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Surfboard brands X Game offers: Channel Islands, Firewire, Mayhem by FW, Simon Anderson, LSD, McCoy, Aloha, Webber, Chilli, Vampirate, Hyden Shapes, 7S, NSP, Mctavish, TSA and GSI.

Related brands: FCS, Gorilla, Ding All repair kits, Head Hunter Surf Screen, Stick it wax, Rip Curl, Manta, O’Neill, Hurley, Volcom, Vans, Reef and Surfboards repair service.

Where to go Surfing in Hong Kong?

Surfing is the roots of most board sports and we could get good surf in Hong Kong.

Most popular spot is Big Wave Bay on the south part of the Hong Kong Island, is only 30 minutes away from the city. Waves are good in winter usually from October to March, as long as NE or East wind blows. Try to avoid weekends because there are really a lot of surfers around.

In Hong Kong NE wind usually blows in winter, summer is mostly SW wind. Typhoon season is from July to October, before or after the typhoon there are big waves but could be quite messy. When E-NE wind direction is on there is another beach you can go where better wave shape is Tai Long Wan at Sai Kung, this beach is much bigger and the water is very clean all year round, it is located at northern part of New Territories, no access by car and you have to take a 5 minutes boat ride from Wong Shek Pier to Chek Keng Pier, then hike one hour to reach the beach from Chek Keng. Or you can take a 30 minutes boat ride from Wong Shek Pier (Sai Kung Country Park) directly to Tai Long Wan and cost is HK$500 takes up to 8 surfers, but the boat driver won’t take you when the swell is too rough, but the hike is very green and beautiful and you won’t regret it. Every year X Game has a surf contest at Tai Long Wan, you can click to our “Events” page to look at the pictures of the waves we have here.

In summer when SW wind is here, you can go to Cheung Sha or Pui O at Lantau Island (near the airport). You need to go to Tung Chung then hire a taxi, it takes about 20 minutes from Tung Chung, the taxi driver usually ask for HK$10 extra for each board. Both beaches fairly close to each other and you should check out the breaks before getting off the taxi. Waves there are generally softer so you better off with a Fish or long boards. Check the weather report and make sure SW wind reaches force 4-5, otherwise waves are too small to ride.

Click to or for the weather forecast before you go.

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