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X Game, founded in 1991 by Ken Choi, a dedicated sportsman who intends to bring the world's most exciting Sports into everybody's lives.

Ken first started windsurfing in 1979 and after years of training, he represented Hong Kong in world-class competitions such as Mistral World, Asian Games (1982), Olympics (1984) and most of the Asian competitions. He earned his first medal at the Asian Games in 1982, the only bronze medal for Hong Kong that year. Apart from the medal and other trophies he earned in Asia, he became a reliable source of windsurfing techniques and in respective aspects. Seeing there's a market to penetrate, he then started his first windsurfing shop with his brother at North Point on the Island in 1985 called "the Pro-Shop". After years of training and competitions, together with the growing of business, In 1989 he decided to retire from all the competitions and concentrated on his business. In 1991, "Wind n' Surf Ltd." was opened in Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, which mainly sold Neil Pryde Sails and other windsurfing gears.
As years went by and after a number of years in specializing windsurfing products, he realized that Hong Kong people rarely do sports owing to their busy lives. Therefore, he tried to explore more interesting sports and the most important of all, hoping to bring some breakthrough into people's routine lives. So, besides windsurfing, he searched out to wakeboarding in the early 90's, started to import Burton snowboards in 1995 . In year of 1993, he bought a set of Kite-ski from the USA and tried fly it on the water but didn't work! He finally took the IKO course in 2003 and became a kiteboarding instructor, he still teaches today. He now spend most time surfing in Hong Kong and other countries, surfing is root of board sports...we all love it!

Now, X Game sets a trend of all extreme sports in Hong Kong. Apart from windsurfing and snowboarding, X Game carries wakeboarding, wakeskating, skateboarding, BMX, skimboarding, surfing and kiteboarding products. Ken has made a career of all his favorite sports and his passion in sports allows him to be sustainable in the market.

have been surrounded by extremely dedicated friends, family and staff, who have supported me in all the directions i have taken, whether for career, sports or fun. I wish that more and more people in Hong Kong could try the sports that I brought in. Don't let yourself live for nothing but work. Explore yourself in the X world!" - Ken Choi

X Game continues to bring new concepts into the market; to promote the sports; the fashion; the culture and the lifestyle through competitions; parties; sponsoring teams and arranging world top riders demo in Hong Kong from different countries.

JOIN OUR RIDE? the X Game's motto, join our world, share the excitement and wear your own style!!!

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